​My name is Sumari and I'm from Oakland, CA. I am traveling, cooking, writing, and working my way through my 20 somethings. I opened the doors to the world for myself. Traveling internationally was not something I, nor anyone else around me did when growing up. You could say I'm a first-generation traveler. Similarly, the aspirations I have for myself and my career surpasses anything I was exposed to.

I wish I could guarantee that this blog has all the answers, but the truth is I'm just figuring life out. But I can guarantee some great stories and lessons I have learned along my journey and hope that they will help you along yours.​

I created this blog to connect with other passionate travelers,  guide people that have never traveled internationally before, and share my experiences as I develop my career.

Life is not about perfection, it's about balance. You don't have to quit your job to have a fulfilling life of adventure. I work in the corporate world on the daily, but I'm an expat at heart. Bringing the traveler's mindset of curiosity, freedom, and open-mindedness to my daily life makes every day an adventure.​


In early 2016 I set the goal to visit 25 countries by 25 years old. I'd just turned 20 and returned from studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. Before studying abroad, I'd traveled to a total of 4 countries. Traveling to 7 countries in the 4 months I studied abroad made me fall in love with traveling. I set this goal to be sure I never lost my curiosity, despite my life changing so much between school and the real world over the next few years. Currently, I am at 24 countries, at 24 years old.


You want to travel around the world.

You have never traveled before.

You want new travel ideas.

You are building a career.

You have an open mind.

You want to solo travel.

You seek connections.

You seek adventure.

You need balance.

You want to learn.

You enjoy eating.

You are curious.

If you identify with at least one of the statements above, this is the place for you!

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